Our Search Process
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Our Search Process

Extreme Solutions has a proven search process that gives us a high degree of probability for success. However, we don't let this process rule us. We are open to creativity when times change and when our clients need something new.

Step 1 - We Get to Know Each Other
It is our goal to create long term pleasant relationships with our clients. Through a great deal of communication via email, phone and in person, we find out if we are the best firm to meet our client's needs. If not, then we recommend another firm. We want to make sure it makes sense to both parties to do business. We want to be partners for our mutual benefit. We want a "win-win" relationship.

Step 2 - We Receive a Search Order
This is where Extreme Solutions is greatly different from other firms. We don't want the client to just give us a list of job descriptions and qualifications. We don't ask the client to post them to our database. Although this information is important, it is not half as important as getting a feel for the position, the culture and hidden needs of the hiring manager. We want to find the best person who will fit in as well. In addition, our interview with the hiring manager will uncover hidden sales points which may not be listed in a job description. These sales points may make the difference of successfully landing a highly sought after candidate.

Step 3 - The Search is Started
Many companies may have had the experience of posting a need to the job boards, a "search" company that only uses the job boards, or an ad in the newspaper. They may receive hundreds or even a thousand résumés. At first they are excited, then they realize that they do not have the time or inclination to check all these résumés. It is a mess.

At Extreme Solutions, we assign our clients a Senior Search Consultant to coordinate the search. The SSC gives the client a weekly status report and keeps the client informed on all aspects of the search. He or she may use several Executive Recruiters and other staff to first search our database and then contact centers-of-influence-individuals and experts who recommend our candidates. We rarely if ever use the job boards for we want all our candidates to be recommended. Just as you can't tell a book by its cover, you can't tell a candidate by his or her résumé. We believe in using our network.

Step 4 - Filter and Bring the Cream to the Top
During this stage, we interview, eliminate and narrow down with the goal of finding just a few perfect candidates. If we did not do this, it would be easy to give our clients a lot of résumés but that would be like asking our clients to do our job. We believe the client's time is too valuable to be interviewing candidates that we are paid to eliminate.

Step 5 - Present the Best Candidates
At this stage, Extreme Solutions presents each candidate to the client both verbally and in writing. We then check with the hiring manager to make sure nothing has changed in the search order. We want to verify we are still giving the candidate an honest representation of the job, compensation and culture.

Step 6 - Interviews
We set up interviews between the client and candidates. It is our job to quickly establish if there is any interest. We want to save our clients time while finding the best candidate. We debrief the candidate and the client after each interview. Sometimes very valuable information can be found by having Extreme Solutions ask questions.

Step 7 - Reference Check
One could say that Extreme Solutions conducts continuous reference checks throughout the search process, as most of our candidates are referred to us though our network. As we get closer to presenting a candidate to a client, we conduct even more extensive reference checks. That all being said, before a client extends an offer, it is the responsibility of the client to conduct their own reference checks, background checks, drug tests, degree verifications and assessments.

Step 8 - Getting Ready to Make an Offer
We help the client and the candidate casually talk about all details of a potential offer. We find out what will work for both parties without the stress and emotions of direct negotiations. We make the process fun so everyone is more likely to agree. By the end of this stage we have an agreed upon offer. Now, all we have to do is make the offer in writing.

Step 9 - Make the Offer
The previous step is for the real negotiations. This step only confirms what was agreed upon in Step 8. The client re-states the offer verbally and in writing to the candidate. There are no surprises, everyone is happy and the candidate is enthusiastic.

Step 10 - Acceptance
This should only be a formality. The candidate receives the written offer and returns it signed and accepted. We receive very few rejected offers, as Step 8 makes this unlikely.

Step 11- The Time Before The Candidate Starts
This is a critical period. Sometimes the candidate can develop "buyer's remorse" or have a fear that he or she may be making a wrong move. The new hire must give notice to their old company and perhaps be tempted by a counter offer. If a move is involved he or she may be stressed out by moving away from friends and family. Extreme Solutions knows how to work with the new hires to calm fears, restate their reasons for changing companies, and put them in contact with people who will help them with their transition.

Step 12 - Guarantee Period
Most hiring managers agree that they will know if an employee will work out within the first 90 days. Therefore our guarantee period spans the first 90 days. Extreme Solutions is in contact with both the client and the candidate monthly to check to see if everyone's expectations are being met.

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